Friday, February 5, 2010

Ten top emerging markets

Notes from Mark Mobius

1) Brazil
“It’s gone through an incredible transformation under President Lula. The resources sector is pretty important and there is also an active consumer sector. A number of banks also look interesting prospects right now.”

2) China
“This is the world’s fastest growing major economy and a big rise in per capita income is fuelling demand for consumer products such as cars.”

3) India
“This is the second fastest growing major economy. India is one of the most important commodity producers, especially of minerals such as iron ore. Its educated workforce is also a strong plus point and they have helped create many software consulting companies.”

4) Thailand

"The country has been handicapped by political concerns but a consumer revolution is now taking place. The banking system is ripe for growth and there are oil and gas deposits in the Gulf of Siam.”

5) Russia
“Russia has huge natural resources, including oil and gas but also nickel and palladium, which are much in demand. The Russians also possess considerable technological skills, thanks to their education system.”

6) Turkey
“This has been a favourite of mine for some time. I like the entrepreneurial spirit of the people and we have invested in banks and petroleum retailers.”

7) South Korea
“It has recently recovered from a dip and is beginning to come up again. We like the construction sector and the energy sector.”

8) Indonesia
“At 237 million Indonesia has a bigger population than eaither Russia or Brazil. It is a huge potential consumer market which we are keen to tap into.”

9) South Africa
“It has lots of problems but it also has some very attractive companies, such as Anglo American, the mining company. South Africa is a good way of obtaining exposure to the mining sector.”

10) Singapore
“This is an attractive place to do business and it has one company that we especially like: Dairy Farms South Asia, which has spread out from farming into retailing and food production across southern Asia.”

January 25, 2010

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